Boating Safety

Boating Safety Courses

Vermont Courses  Listing from Vermont State Police website of safety courses taught around Vermont this summer

Online Course — Online course that satisfies the Vermont requirement for boater safety education certificate

A Step by Step Guide to Creating a Float Plan – By John Hawthorne

US Sailing

Click to join US Sailing at a discount on our dedicated RSYC US Sailing Page

Federal & State Resources

Vermont State Boating Handbook — State regulations; excellent reference booklet.  PDF Version

Charts Online — Online charts; fun to check at home (or at work?); Lake Champlain chart number 14781 thru 14784

NOAA Booklet Charts — Printable online charts from NOAA; Lake Champlain is in the “Great Lakes” section

US Coast Guard — Home page for the United States Coast Guard

Burlington Coast Guard — Website for the US Coast Guard Station in Burlington

Local Notice to Mariners — Weekly US Coast Guard notices affecting Lake Champlain