Spirit Under Sail
Valcour Island – 2015
Summer Raft Up
Burlington Fireworks – Cruise 2015
Abigail at Anchor
Valcour – Cruise 2015
Slip Away Slipping Away
Burton Island
Diamond Island Regatta 2014
Lois McClure – Cruise Week 2014

Welcome to RSYC … the best $70 you will ever spend!

Community has always been the base of my boating life. Initially it was the community of white water kayakers (aka paddlers). My time on rivers was shared with fellow paddlers and was full of encouragement and laughter, followed by food, drink and plenty of conversation late into the nights. When I switched to sailing about 10 years ago though, in a 14-foot then a 16-foot sailing dinghy, I found a love of sailing and Lake Champlain but sadly little community to share that experience with. That all changed when we switched to a 31-foot boat that we moored in Kingsland Bay, near the RSYC club mooring. Within days of moving Cygnus in, RSYC members had welcomed us into their community and it has been our home ever since. I invite you to come into the community of RSYC and bring your boating experience to a whole new level of enjoyment!

RSYC members are united by a love of boating and Lake Champlain. Every kind of boater can find a home here, we have members with little boats and big boats, powerboats and sailboats; members that live year round in Vermont or just come for the summer; members that grew up boating or discovered it later in life; members that embrace the DIY mentality or prefer to hire out.

A summer of boating with RSYC includes lots of great scheduled events, access to the club’s eight moorings and spontaneous raft-ups at and around the moorings throughout the season. A few of our earlier season activities are highlighted below but check out all that we have to offer on the club’s calendar or the Activities tab on the website.

  • Memorial Day weekend, Saturday, May 26, is the Commodore’s Breakfast in the morning and a Burger Burn in the evening. Both events are free and open to members and non-members. Not sure that the club is for you? Then come enjoy a meal and experience our community first-hand to find out.
  • On several Saturdays each month different club members organize and host breakfast under the club tent. Hosting a breakfast is an easy way to get involved in the club; we provide the funds, you provide the inspiration and congeniality. Contact Marie Kayhart through rsycsecretary@gmail.com to learn more.
  • Saturday, June 2, in partnership with Point Bay Marina and volunteers from the local chapter of the Coast Guard Auxiliary we will host the annual Vessel Safety Check. Sign up at the PBM store to reserve your spot.
  • If you are interested in racing sailboats—either your own or learning on someone else’s boat—then join the fun of our Fast Sail series. The first race is May 26 and most of the races happen on Saturday mornings. Contact Roger Wallace through rsycsecretary@gmail.com to learn more.
  • Our annual Cruise Week will run from July 6-15. Cruise Week is a great time to learn, play and relax on the water; you can come for all of it, or just catch the days that work for your schedule. Contact Patrick Miller or Jessica Murray through rsycsecretary@gmail.com to learn more.

Looking forward to meeting you at one of our events this summer and boating with you on the water in Pathfinder!

— Susan DeSimone, RSYC Commodore