2015 Fast Sail Schedule

RSYC will hold eight Fast Sail events this season, all on Saturdays with the exception of the Sunday, August 2, pursuit race, from Burlington to Town Farm Bay. The schedule:

  • Fast Sail 1: June 13
  • Fast Sail 2: June 20
  • Fast Sail 3: July 18
  • Fast Sail 4: August 2 (pursuit race from Burlington, Vt.)
  • Fast Sail 5: August 15
  • Fast Sail 6: August 29 (pursuit race to Westport, N.Y.)
  • Fast Sail 7: September 12
  • Fast Sail 8: September 19

RSYC 2015 Fast Sail Courses

 Westport Pursuit Race:

Pursuit Race to Westport from Town Farm Bay: If you would like to race, please email doug@vermonttimberworks.com to be assigned a start time. Race Starts at 10:30 in Town Farm Bay. The Short Course finishes between Scotch Bonnet and Green Can 53 just south of Basin Harbor. The Long Course starts in Town Farm Bay between the marks, leaves Green Can 53 at Scotch Bonnet to starboard and finishes within 150 yards of Furnace Point with the long dock at the Normandie Beach Club bearing due north magnetic. Click here for start times  Westport Pursuit 2015 Start Times

Long Course Finish Line


Pin end  of the Finish Line (150 yds, due south, off of end of dock):
Latitude: N44° 11.438’
Longitude: W73° 25.593’

Captains to report the time of day they finish to Muse on Channel 8. Captains are responsible for starting at or after their assigned start times.

The regular skippers meeting will be held at 9:30 at Point Bay Marina