Club Moorings

One of the most popular benefits of being a Royal Savage Yacht Club member is the use of several club-maintained private moorings, in popular nearby anchorages. There are currently eight club moorings: three in Converse Bay, one in Porter Bay, three in Kingsland Bay and one in Town Farm Bay. They are generally identified with the letters RSYC; see more detailed specific descriptions below. The moorings are available to any club member flying the RSYC burgee on a first-come, first-served basis. There is no sign-up or reservation system. If you raft up with friends, that increases the number of members who can enjoy the moorings.

Converse Bay
There are three moorings in the east section of Converse Bay, two in the southeast and one in the northeast portion of the bay. The two moorings in the southeast portion of the bay are in a field of about 10 moorings. They are labeled with the letters “RSYC” and are orange. Note: There are also several round white moorings which belong to the Lake Champlain Yacht Club (marked LCYC). Please be sure not to take the LCYC moorings by mistake. There is generally a striped pick-up float attached to the mooring line. The mooring in the northeast is pretty much by itself and is white with a blue stripe. See the map here.

Porter Bay
There is one mooring in Porter Bay, located in the northern part of the bay in a field of about eight moorings. The float is a round ball marked RSYC. Note: There should be a striped pick-up buoy attached, but sometimes the pick up buoys “disappear.” Please also note that there are several other private moorings in the bay. Please respect these moorings and do not pick them up.

Kingsland Bay
As of summer 2018, there are now three moorings in Kingsland Bay. They are marked with the black letters RSYC and located in the western mooring area (on, the right side as you enter the bay) in a field of about 20 moorings. Be careful: The Lake Champlain Yacht Club has one or more moorings in the same area. Theirs are labeled LCYC and are generally white round mooring balls. There is also at least one other red mooring ball that is not ours.

Town Farm Bay
There is a mooring in Town Farm Bay just south of the Point Bay Marina mooring field. Again, the mooring has a black-and-white striped pick-up buoy. This serves as a guest mooring for members who keep their boats at other locations around the lake and want to attend club events or for members of other clubs who are visiting our harbor.