Club Moorings

One of the most popular benefits of being a Diamond Island Yacht Club member is the use of several club-maintained private moorings, in popular nearby anchorages. There are currently nine club moorings: three in Converse Bay, two in Porter Bay, three in Kingsland Bay and one in Town Farm Bay.

There is no sign-up or reservation system. The moorings are available to any club member flying the RSYC burgee—or when available, the new DIYC burgee—on a first-come, first-served basis. If you raft up with friends, that increases the number of members who can enjoy the moorings. The vessel Captain is responsible for the safety of his/her vessel while using a DIYC mooring. All buoys are identified with the letters DIYC or RSYC and are either White or Orange as noted in the detailed descriptions; pickup buoys are also marked “DIYC” or “RSYC” and the masts have black stripes for easier identification.

See more detailed descriptions including GPS coordinates on the moorings page that’s part of the members-only area of the DIYC website.