Cruise Week 2014

Mount Defiance

Mount Defiance

Cruise Week 2014 was exceptional! Fleet Captain Marc Gervais organized 2014’s cruise around Lake Champlain’s Revolutionary War history and filled the cruise with so many destinations and activities that “cruise week” was a full two weeks long. Way to go, Marc!



CruiseWeek-2014-VergennesSome club members attended the first week, other members attended the second week and the really lucky club members were able to attend both weeks! The fleet started the vacation cruise by heading south to Fort Ticonderoga and Fort Independence. They then worked their way north, stopping at historic sites and resources along the way, including the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum, Vergennes, Burlington and all the way up to Fort Lennox in Canada.


CruiseWeek-2014-BridgeMarc arranged for special access and coordinated interpretive tours at multiple locations. The red carpet was rolled out numerous times for cruise week attendees.

See Marc’s wonderful blog post about the destinations and events during cruise week 2014.




CruiseWeek-2014-South (pdf)

CruiseWeek-2014-North (pdf)

CruiseWeek-2014-LoisMcClure CruiseWeek-2014-LighthouseTour CruiseWeek-2014-FortTi CruiseWeek-2014-Fort CruiseWeek-2014-Fireworks CruiseWeek-2014-CrownPoint CruiseWeek-2014-BasinHarbor