Cruise Week 2018

Greetings from Jessica and Patrick on s/v Daphne. We are so excited to be captaining cruise week! This year’s theme is A Voyage Back in Time because when we’re cruising, we feel transported to another era. Also, we wanted to continue with our commodore’s focus on education, so we organized cruise week around the area’s history and information on Lake Champlain.  Here is a brief overview of our schedule and activities. Of course, this may change depending on the wind/weather:

 Friday, July 6th:  Kingsland Bay – Gather Aboard

Let’s celebrate the start of cruise week together. Host boat TBD. Please let us know if you’d be willing to host!

Saturday, July 7th: Willsboro Bay – Dinghy Appetizers Raft-Up

Bring an app to share and tie up to Delia, our inflatable dinghy!

Sunday, July 8th: Valcour  Island – Type IV PFD Throw Contest

Practice makes perfect…and for safer boating! Let’s practice throwing those PFDs while the weather is hot (fingers crossed!)…there will be prizes!

Monday, July 9th: Deep Bay – Pick Your Own Adventure!

Enjoy this great bay by swimming, hiking, or just relaxing.

Tuesday, July 10th: Pelots Bay – Dinghy Sailing Regatta

RULES: Boats must be dinghies of RSYC cruise week vessels.

Sails may be any combination of umbrellas, towels, and clothing.

Spars and rigging may be comprised of any suitable materials.

A single paddle or oar may be used for steering the dinghy.

CLASSIFICATION: There will be 2 classes. Inflatable & rigid.

COURSE: Single downwind leg to be determined day of race.

Wednesday, July 11th: Keeler Bay – Dinghy-In Movie

Enjoy a boating-centric 1920’s silent comedy in the comfort of your  dingy! Raft up and enjoy a night at the dinghy-in movies.

Thursday, July 12th: Burton Island – 1920’s Potluck  Dinner and Cruising Stories around the Campfire

Let’s head back to the 20’s. Join us for the annual cruise week potluck…1920’s style. We’ll enjoy food, play games, and share some cruising stories around a campfire. We’ll provide the music, but feel free to dress up to add to the trip back in time.

Friday, July 13th: Burton Island – No-Prep Luncheon and Photo Swap

Throughout the week, please take pictures! Bring those photos to share, swap, and print at Burton Island by uploading pictures to the RSYC Facebook page or email them to Jess. With this picture swap, we’re hoping everyone will end up with great shots of themselves and their boats enjoying the cruising lifestyle. If you’d like, bring a no-prep/low-prep snack to share (cheese and crackers, cold cuts, leftovers, etc).

Saturday, July 14th: Burlington Bay or Shelburne Bay (Sled Runner)

There are lots of great things to do in Burlington, so enjoy! Or, head to Sled Runner for another fun day at anchor!

The activities are casual; join us if you would like, but there is no pressure! Cruise week is, first and foremost, about relaxing and setting your own pace. Please let us know if you are thinking about joining us by emailing Jessica at, or responding to the facebook event page. If you’ve already done so, we have you on our list, so no need to respond. Hope to see everyone there!