Cruise Week 2020

Hello RSYC,

We’re getting very excited about Cruise Week 2020, which is quickly approaching! The dates for Cruise Week are Thursday, July 2, through Sunday, July 12. Mark them on your calendars, if they aren’t already there!

With COVID-19 as the backdrop of much of our planning, we’ve opted for an entirely Vermont Cruise Week. While we know that Governor Scott has opened up travel to parts of New York bordering the lake, we wanted to ensure RSYC was COVID safe for all, and that folks didn’t have to make any tough decisions regarding staying safe and enjoying a great week on the lake with the best club on the lake. 🙂

With that, and with the ever-changing dynamics we’ve all been living with, we’ve opted for the theme: Going with the Flow and Enjoying Vermont. For those of you at the Mid-Winter Raft-Up … yes, this is a different theme (and a different trip!) than we had originally planned. But, like we all have had to do recently, and now have a lot of practice doing, we’ve decided to “go with the flow” of life and change our plans according to our circumstances.

Many of our annual cruise week activities will need to be adjusted as well, so we’ve been working to come up with some fun alternatives. One of the most important aspects of cruise week is socializing with other members, so we wanted to incorporate that in a safe way. To achieve this, we are planning to set up a “dinghy mooring field” each day, where members can tie up, relax and socialize (at a distance). Just look for the grouping of yellow floats. We also encourage people to bring a dinghy anchor if they have one, as they will come in handy for other activities as well.

Other Activities:

Light up the Night (New!): This year we expect most/all organized fireworks displays to be canceled, so it will be up to us to put on the show. We encourage everyone to pack some extra lights so you can decorate your boat.
• Dinghy Obstacle Course (New!): We’ll be conducting a dinghy rowing race … where the challenge is communication. A blindfolded rower will be instructed by another club member (of their choosing) to direct them around buoys. Objective: fun!
Project Day: Pack a few extra tools and work on a boat project you’ve been putting off for too many seasons. Not sure how to do it? There will be lots of experienced members to ask!
Dinghy Exploration and Picnic (New!): Yes, a lot of activities involve dinghies this year! We’d like to explore the shallows (or a river/creek) at one of our destinations as a group, drop anchor, and have lunch.
Dinghy-in Movie: If all goes well, we’ll again be showing a movie on the water. The film is still TBD, but we’re planning for another silent comedy film. BYO popcorn! 🙂
On the Lake Campfire (New!): Swim up, dinghy up, or enjoy from your boat. We’re having a campfire on the lake!

With that, we’re excited to share the Cruise Week 2020 Guide and Destination (Going with the) Flow Chart; you’ll find both below. The Cruise Week 2020 schedule includes a list of activities and a few items that we recommend you pack for Cruise Week. The flow chart guides us to our Vermont destinations according to the wind and weather. The (Going with the) Flow chart is certainly bewildering (to say the least). But, we had fun putting it together and it will give you an overall idea of our journey and the decisions we’ll be making. We’ll be discussing definite travel plans based on weather every morning at 8:30 on VHF channel 68.

We’re keeping a few surprises up our sleeves and will email out some ‘teasers’ later. If you are planning on attending, please e-mail Jess at with your name(s), boat information, and the contact information where you can be reached during Cruise Week.

Hope to see you all out on the lake!

Jessica and Patrick
s/v Daphne
Westerly Centaur, 26-foot Blue Sailboat

Cruise Week Guide for 2020

[ Download or print out a PDF version of the Cruise Week Guide. ]


Cruise Week Flow Chart for 2020

[ Download or print out a PDF version of the flow chart. ]