Destination Cruises

There are many wonderful destinations around lake Champlain and RSYC encourages club members to experience a couple of them each year during our weekend destination cruises.  Destination fast sails are coordinated with the destination cruises such that both power and sail club members end up at the same location for a weekend of informal social activities.


RSYC typically organizes two destination cruises each year- to Westport Marina and the Burlington Waterfront.  Upon arrival, individual members decide if they want to tie up on the docks, grab a mooring or drop an anchor for the weekend. Watching club members help each other out as they tie up along a dock or set an anchor is always a sign of the spirit of cooperation that helps defines RSYC.


the real fun begins after all the boats have arrived and are secure in their chosen spot.  There is a constant mixing and remixing of club members as we visit each other’s boats; meet for a meal, either on a boat or at a restaurant; and just hang out late into the night.



A large potluck appetizer gathering hosted by one of the club’s power boaters is a common event during a destination cruise.  These potlucks are full of great conversations, wonderful stories and good jokes.




RSYC members can also often be spotted occupying one or more tables at a local restaurant or bar during a destination cruise.

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