Lewis & Field Chicken BBQ

Join us Saturday July 28th at 6:00 for the annual Chicken BBQ. This is one of RSYC’s two major on-shore summer social events; the Lobster Fest is the other. Both events are held under RSYC’s function tent at Point Bay Marina and are always lots of fun.    Order tickets here.

See Who’s Coming.

Chx-BBQ-2013-grillingAs with all RSYC events, the Lewis & Field Chicken BBQ is successful, year after year, because of the generous volunteer efforts of club members. The BBQ, held in July, gets its name from Craig Lewis and Harold Field, who have labored over a hot barbecue pit for 34 years (and counting) to make this event what it is!


The chicken BBQ is always well attended by club members, their guests and visitors arriving early to get their generous serving of delicious slow grilled chicken and an assortment of cold salads and staying late to talk with their fellow boaters.




Harold, Craig and their apprentice Michael Foley receive highly valuable awards in appreciation for their efforts in 2013!


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