Social Events

RSYC sponsors a variety of social events throughout the year. When we can, we gather our boats at a special destination; when we can’t, we gather on shore.

Typical on-water social events are raft ups and weekend destination cruises. Some of these events are coordinated with our Fast Sail program. The major on-water social event each season is RSYC’s annual Cruise Week.


Many of the club’s on-shore social events are held under the RSYC tent at Point Bay Marina.

What’s a large boating club to do when all of our club members can’t fit on one boat, or beautiful Lake Champlain is in the grips of old man winter? Gather on land of course!

RSYC sponsors numerous land-based social events during both the boating season and winter for the benefit of our members, their guests and visitors. Social events during the boating season are most often held under our club’s tent at Point Bay Marina and post- and pre-season events are held at indoor locations nearby. Our breakfast coffees are informal events that are often held in coordination with our Fast Sails. New this year is the Taste of the Islands Dinner, which serves as the awards dinner for the Diamond Island Regatta. All of our social events are fun and relaxing. These events include:

The dates, times and locations of all RSYC events can be found on the club calendar.